Tuesday, April 11, 2017

CEFAR Radar System

Thanks to Jason for the link!

The Australians have launched a competition for their next gen anti-air system and the CEFAR is a current favorite.

What has me jazzed?  They're taking an Active Phased Array Radar, originally designed for warships and are scaling it down for use by land forces!

I'll leave it to the geeks in my audience to educate me about its capabilities against stealth aircraft but if I recall correctly it operates in a band that IS able to successfully track stealth aircraft.

What are the implications?  I really don't know.  This is an Australian effort that appears to have gained quite a bit of interest in the Pentagon so we'll see what we'll see in the near future.

Side Note.  Jason tells me that the Bushmaster will probably be the carrier for the NASAMS missile (I don't see them getting the radar small enough for that vehicle...MAN trucks would have to be the carrier) which will be the weapon used...which is also awesome...they're getting some impressive bang for the buck considering how that weapon system is continuing to evolve.  Overall I like the concept!

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