Thursday, April 13, 2017

China is playing us like a fiddle.

The President of China meets with Trump and what do we see?  We see that today they abstained at the UN Security Council on a resolution to condemn Syria for using chemical weapons (story here), but a tidbit.
A vote by the U.N. Security council on a draft resolution to condemn the chemical weapon attack in Syria failed Wednesday with a veto by Russia, but fellow member China abstained, a sign that talks with President Trump last week may have had an effect on the superpower.
Interesting turn around isn't it.  But wait there's more.  China also activated 150,000 troops and placed them on the border with N. Korea.  I thought it was out of fear of a US attack (and so did many of you).  We were wrong.  In hindsight we should have been more aware.  This was a sign to Trump that they were willing to "play along" and get more aggressive with N. Korea.

My last piece of evidence?

Trump stated that the American dollar was too strong in relation to the Chinese Yuan.  The US dollar immediately plunged in value.

My point?

China is playing us like a fiddle.

You say its because of the N. Koreans?  I say that they can put that back in the bottle any time they want.  To give them concessions based on that issue when they've practically denuded this country of industry is insane.

Even more important?

They're in the middle of an arms build up that is truly stunning.  I haven't posted about it but they're on track to launch their second aircraft carrier soon.  We talk about a credible 300 ship navy?  They already have that (especially if you count their Coast Guard...never mind their merchant fleet) and will probably have a 500 ship navy by 2020 or shortly thereafter.

Yet for some reason Trump is focused on the Russians.

The Russians aren't building up a force to directly challenge us, the Chinese are!  The old cold warriors are failing the future.  They so desperately want one last swan song against their old enemy that they can't see the current threat.  Misplaced fear in Washington and Europe has us focusing on the wrong foe.  China is making an ass of us all.

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