Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ft Stewart is on crack. LITERALLY!

Authorities arrested several soldiers at Fort Stewart on Tuesday. The soldiers are believed to have used, had or involved in the sale of cocaine.

Officials at the base were reluctant to speak with Popular Military, only offering a small statement in a press release.

“We dedicate resources and work closely with our local law enforcement partners to identify and suppress illegal drug use in our ranks,” Maj. Gen. James Rainey, senior commander of Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield, said in a news release.

An anonymous source at the base told Popular Military that sixty four soldiers from the 3-15 Infantry Battalion and the 1-30 Infantry Battalion are involved.  It is not clear how many of them have been arrested.  The source said the soldier at the top of the drug ring had ties to a known drug cartel.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office arrested Pvt. First Class Mario Figueroa on drug trafficking charges, according to Maj. Jeff Hein of the LCSO Drug Task Force.  The arrest was the result of a 90-day investigation by LCSO, Fort Stewart’s Criminal Investigation Division and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.
This story is real.  Not a gag.  You can also find it here. 

The US Army is following current DoD practice of saying practically nothing about this except for a terse press release but good God!  This is the kinda shit my old man talked about during the post Vietnam era in the Army!

A soldier with ties to a drug cartel?

I think its past time to get serious about proper screening of service members.  SEALs and now an Army Infantry Battalion is caught up in illegal drugs?

Too many years at war is destroying our military.  As the Romans once said...It's time to bring our boys back from the frontier.

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