Tuesday, April 18, 2017

GAO recommends ACV production decision slip to 2019...via Inside Defense.

via Inside Defense (behind paywall...but they're offering a one month free trial).
In the same report, GAO recommends the Pentagon postpone ACV Increment 1.1's production decision until early fiscal year 2019 to reduce concurrency between testing and production.

Weatherington wrote that the Pentagon disagreed because the concurrency is considered low-risk. The Marine Corps plans for an ACV milestone C decision in the third quarter of FY-18, according to the Pentagon's response.

"The significant risks to the Marine Corps fielding schedule and impacts to the overall Marine Corps GVTVS that would result from delaying the ACV fielding decision, will impact the Marine Corps sequential modernization and affordability across the Future Years Defense Plan," Weatherington wrote.

They've been slow walking this program and the GAO recommends they delay the decision till 2019?  That ugly word "concurrency" rears its ugly head again?

The sad part?

The GAO has been the gatekeepers.  I don't know if I trust military leadership anymore (fuck it...I don't...they've been shown to be liars) and stuff like this comes down to a matter of trust.

We were lied to with regard to the MV-22, the F-35, CH-53K and the LCS. Why should we trust them on this issue?  They recently lied to Congress and the representatives of the people sit on their hands instead of having fried Marine Corps General on a plate for supper (misled them on the costs of the CH-53K even though they knew at the time that the helicopter was even MORE expensive than they told them).

It's a shame but that's what its boiled down to.  Either you believe the GAO or you believe the Pentagon.  

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