Thursday, April 06, 2017

I was worried about the cost of M27 for the Infantry while Marine Air wants even more toys!

via The Drive.
In addition to wanting more F-5s spread across key locations, the USMC also wants to procure a light air support aircraft for training purposes. These aircraft could work not just in concert with an expanded F-5 adversary corps, but also for training Joint Terminal Air Controllers (JTACS), airborne forward air controllers, and providing a basic airborne surveillance and fire support platform for other training purposes. This would all be part of a greater shift in tactical air training strategy called the Composite Training Squadron Concept. 
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I was concerned about the cost of equipping Marine Infantry with the M27, worried that we might be wasting money on the ACV when the upgraded AAV might be "good enough", concerned that we would have to acquire new 782 gear because everything we have now is so biased to desert environments...and now we see this from the Wing?

There has to be a serious discussion about the cost of Marine Air and whether or not the direction it's taking is in the best interest of the entire Marine Corps!

I'm not talking about a top down preaching about "aviation centric" being the future, but a real deal no bullshit "talk among the tribe" on if we can afford the Marine Air Wing as its being built.

How did we reach a point where the Marine Corps has gone from taking US Army hand me downs, US Navy cast offs, picking up US Air Force trash and making it shine to where we need unique/boutique...EVERYTHING!!!???

One thing is certain.

We can put the talking point that the USMC is the most cost effective of the military branches in the trash bin of our history.  If you're looking at things from a size vs cost perspective I'm sure that bragging point now belongs to the US Army!

The Marine Corps needs a procurement stand down, a back to basics movement and a reassessment of its future doctrine.

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