Saturday, April 15, 2017

Must read from Think Defence Blog...UK Amphibious Capability – Today and Tomorrow

No spoilers!  Head here to get Think Defence Blog's take on the UK's current and future amphibious assault capability.

This is what I'm talking about guys.  We need the perspective of bloggers from other countries talking about the military situation in their own countries. Forum's just don't do it for me.  Glorified pissing contests with opposing views.  Even if it's jaded it would be nice to hear a single voice talking about the issues and telling me what they think.

Which is why I don't get the hatred for Sputnik.  I use that source because the Russians for better or worse are giving the public a view of their military. At one time the US Defense Dept was complaining that China, Russia and others weren't open enough.  Now that they are some still complain.  I'll never understand it.

But I got off on a tangent.  Back on task.  Head over to TD to check out his great article!

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