Thursday, April 06, 2017

Political Talk. Putting defeat into the jaws of victory...Why is the focus on Assad instead of ISIS?

This is a semi rant.

Have you noticed that the very moment we see ISIS being rolled back in a serious way....When we finally see an end to the war in Iraq/Syria, suddenly we see a chemical weapons attack?

My opinion and you can call me tin hat but I'm stating flat out that I see this as a false flag.

Additionally have you noticed that the establishment on both sides of the political aisle are all onboard?  Even worse?  Trump seems to have surrendered all common sense and is going along too!

The only thing certain is that once again the focus isn't on killing ISIS and that we're going to see another stupid Middle Eastern war drag on even longer.

Trump is losing his way.  His son in law is a thirty something that is more concerned with being popular in New York and the belt way than he is in solving real problems.  He'll be popular, his father in law will lose re-election and our troops will be dragged into another quagmire.

As usual, popular opinion and fake outrage is wrong.

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