Friday, April 07, 2017

Russia claims only 23 Tomahawks reached the airbase.

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via Russian Military Website (here)
On April 7, from 3.42 to 3.56 MSK from the Mediterranean Sea in the area of ​​Crete with two destroyers, the US Navy ( "Ross" and "Porter") was dealt a massive missile strike 59 cruise missiles "Tomahawk" on the Syrian air base " al-Shayrat "(province of Homs).

According to the Russian means of the objective control, to the Syrian air base cried down a total of 23 missiles.

As a result of the impact destroyed the warehouse logistics property, educational building, dining room, 6 is in the repair hangar aircraft MiG-23, as well as radar.

Runway, taxiways and aircraft parking areas of the Syrian Air Force is not damaged.

According to the command of the Syrian air base, 2 Syrian soldiers were missing, as well as 4 - were killed and 6 received burn injuries in the course of fighting fires.

Thus, the combat effectiveness of the US massive missile attack on Syrian air base - is extremely low.

These actions of the American side see as a flagrant violation of the signed in 2015 Memorandum on the prevention of incidents and safety during operations in the airspace of Syria.

Russian Defense Ministry suspends cooperation with the Pentagon as part of this Memorandum.

All nominated the US as justification Damascus charges impact on the alleged violation of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in 2013 - are unfounded.

We have already mentioned that the Syrian army did not use chemical weapons. We are waiting for the US explanation of the presence of their indisputable, according to them, evidence that chemical weapons in Khan Shaykhun was used by the Syrian army.

I recall that from 2013 to 2016 the Syrian government to fully implement all available measures to eliminate chemical weapons, their means of delivery and production base. Destroyed all stocks and removed from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic of the available components for the production of chemical weapons, the destruction wrought on the US companies, Finland, Great Britain and Germany.

US administration changes, and methods of starting wars since the bombing of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya remain unchanged. Again, the reason is not an objective investigation is to unleash the aggression and allegations, manipulation of facts, photos and shaking psevdoprobirkami in international organizations.

I draw your attention to that immediately after the application of a massive missile strike on Syrian Air Force Base, it began a major offensive gangs "LIH" and "Dzhabgat en-Nusra" in the position of Syrian troops.

We hope that these actions are not militants agreed with the American side in nature.

Today it is obvious that the impact of American cruise missiles on the Syrian air base was prepared long before today's events.

For the preparation of such a strike is necessary to conduct a large range of activities for exploration, planning, preparation of flight missions and bring the missiles in full readiness for launch.

For any specialist it is clear that a decision on the missile strike on Syria was taken in Washington long before the events in the village Khan Shaykhun, served only a formal occasion, but a demonstration of military force is dictated solely by domestic political reasons.

To cover the most sensitive objects Syrian infrastructure will be soon implemented a set of measures to strengthen and improve the effectiveness of air defense system of the Syrian armed forces.
First!  Stow your flag waving, Russia bashing and rush to judgement.

Second!  This is just information from the other side.  Accept it as such!

Third!  I'm just the messenger.  Chill the fuck out.

Fourth!  Wait for more information from the US Dept of Defense.

The goal of this blog is to provide as much open source information to my readers as possible.  YOU decide!  YOU analyze!  YOU compile the information from a variety of sources with the clear knowledge that both sides seek only one keep you inside a house of mirrors...

The goal of Intelligence Services around the world is to influence your mind.

MY MISSION is to provide you with raw information...The more information you have, the more you are able to resist that influence and catch glimpses of the truth! 

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