Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sacramento Officer investigated for jaywalking incident. Public Service Announcement Number Two.

My take?

1.  Taking off your jacket is the international sign of "it's time to GO!" or as they say in the teams..."THE FIGHT IS ON".

2.  Jaywalking?  Seriously doubt it but it's a reason to approach a suspect.  Flimsy as hell but anyone with sense knows the deal.  Cop wanted to check him out.  Not saying that the reason is good to go, but TECHNICALLY it is legal.

3.  Cop fucked up by initiating physical combat.  What do I mean?  Yeah taking off your jacket IS the international sign of "the fight is on" but he doesn't operate under civilian rules.  

In essence, consider this public service announcement number two.  If you don't want your ass kicked by police then follow instructions.

The charges of resisting arrest were dropped, and the Cop is on paid administrative leave.  The likely outcome is that the cop will be back on the job after being punished with a week unpaid, the guy will get a pay out from the city for "trauma" (he's probably been in much worse fights just for fun) and the world will keep spinning.

Side Note.  This cop has at least rudimentary training.  Did you see the takedown and then the damn near perfect mount?  He's been working on his self defense techniques.

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