Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SecDef Mattis chilled me out with his press conference!

You know I'm not the fan of Mattis that many of my readers are.  Quite honestly his name has been associated with a couple of incidents that make me ask aloud WTF and his statements on foreign policy have me thinking he's an undercover Neo-Con.

I won't even go into his support (never heard him state it in a talk but others have said that he does) of some of the more goofy concepts that the Marine Corps is pushing (I have yet to hear a proper defense of the Expeditionary Rifle Squad concept....seems like everyone is just swallowing it whole without thinking).

Having said all that he chilled me out with his press conference.

1.  He said that the bombing of the Syrian Air Base was a separate incident and was focused on the use of chemical weapons.

2.  He stated that the main objective is destroying ISIS.

3.  He seemed to indicate that areas of cooperation with even Assad/Russia/Iran was still possible in the fight against ISIS.

Its not much but I'm thrilled.

I thought this administration had gone completely off mission and had fully embraced the nation building insanity that the Obama/Dem/Neo-Con zealots were pushing.

Am I completely happy?

Fuck no!  Reports have come out that Ivanka Trump influenced his decision.  Are you shitting me?  By right of birth a person gets to influence foreign policy?  I have a thicker resume on the subject than she does and yet she's a shot caller?  Don't get it wrong I don't have anything against her but I mean seriously?

I remain CAUTIOUSLY hopeful but the dude really needs to stop all the CRAZY ASS tweets!  Shit talking when it comes to the little fat man and thinking that you can publicly humiliate China into action on the N. Korea issue is beyond amatuer hour.  I'm just a blogger and even I know better than that.  Where the fuck is McMasters?  Someone needs to have a serious sit down and tell dude to knock that shit off.

Anyway.  Rant is over.  Have a good day.

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