Sunday, April 02, 2017

SWEDISH POLICE FIASCO 3 female cops beaten by 1 male refugee

Thanks to Filippo for the link!

1. Don't laugh.  This is coming to a Police Dept or Infantry Squad near you!

2. Reality is a bitch.  Women do not possess the strength of men.  Biology is biology.

3. Lethal force MUST be taught and the understanding to use it sooner in the force continuum is the only way females can effectively (there is no efficient way) deal with a physical aggressor.

4.  A man/woman or woman/woman team will always be at a disadvantage against all male competitors/assailants of equal and sometimes lesser numbers.

Consider this a well known secret.  This social experiment will get the daughters of the women pushing it and their male enablers killed...unknowing Americans that send their sons will suffer too.   I will mourn the dead and brutalized but I will curse this generation of leaders for a lack of moral courage.

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