Friday, April 21, 2017

US Army's Next Gen Combat Vehicle to sport 50mm Cannon!

Special Thanks to my "inside" source for this!

Note:  Below are PDF conversions to JPG for posting on the blog...still viewable and can be enlarged by clicking on the pic.  The original is going up on the Google Hangout later today....

Are you freaking seeing that????  The Army is going for a 50mm cannon on this beast!

Award by end of this fiscal year???  Army is cooking with gas!  They really want their new ride and lethality upgrade!

Three things stood out....

1.  Mobility is getting its just due.  They want a 1000 Horsepower engine???This puppy should move!

2.  Protection isn't being sacrificed...yet.  I want to see how they accomplish this part.  They want lighter weight but better protection than the Bradley/Stryker?  How can that be done?  The USMC tried an underbody blast kit on the EFV when IEDs changed the view of the Pentagon to get that vehicle "up to spec".  Will the Army succeed?

3.  Up Gunning is now the rage.  The Army dawgs are seeking to maintain parity with the Russians.  A 50mm cannon?  That's intense.  IFV guns are making leaps ahead in lethality.  The Brits thought that everyone would standardize on the work they did with the 40mm but that seems to be a nonstarter out the box.  I wonder how long it takes for IMI to rebirth the 60mm HyperVelocity Gun they built so many years ago?

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