Thursday, April 20, 2017

USMC CH-47' looks right!

The pics above are from a movie but they look right.  A CH-47 in USMC service makes too much sense on too many levels.

More to the point, the cost of the CH-53K is insane.

Cut the buy of CH-53Ks from 200 to 100 and make up the difference by buying 200 CH-47s!  I have yet to hear the rationale for the CH-53K.  I hear the talking points of it being the most advanced helicopter in service anywhere in the world when it reaches IOC.  I hear the talking point that it can lift x amount of weight, etc... What I haven't heard is why the CH-53K is absolutely essential to Marine Corps operations and why the CH-47 is unsuitable.  Take that a step further and tell me what percentage of CH-53K missions that the CH-47 is incapable of performing.  If it's over 5% I'd be surprised.

As things stand I like the CH-53K but unless we're given the "why" then the buy should be truncated and CH-47's bought instead.

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