Monday, April 17, 2017

We're winning the F-35 fight and it could kill other defense programs.....54% of Americans Want to See This Fighter Jet Program Scrapped

via motley fool
But here's a bit of shocking news for America's populist president: In a poll conducted last year by Voice of the People (VOP), a majority of Americans opted to send the fantastic new F-35 fighter jet to the junkyard.

VOP conducted its poll online between Dec. 20, 2015, and Feb. 1, 2016. Surveying 7,126 registered voters who belong to its "Citizen Cabinet" advisory panel, in eight states scattered across the nation, VOP posed a series of questions concerning the U.S. defense budget.

Among other revelations, VOP's poll showed that Americans generally favor cutting defense spending on the Air Force (by $2 billion annually), the Army ($4 billion), Navy ($2 billion), nuclear weapons ($3 billion), and missile defense ($1 billion). Perhaps the most surprising revelation from the poll, though, was the sentiment among voters for what is now President Trump's new favorite military jet.

Of those polled, 54% wanted to end production of the F-35.
We are winning the public debate.   Now we need to make the thieving bastards pay the price for years of mismanagement.

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