Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wheels vs Tracks. HELLO!!!! Everything gets stuck in the mud!

I've been monitoring a conversation on the blog regarding the mobility of tracks vs. wheels.  It's been a fun watch but I think everyone is missing the point.


Wheels, tracks...it just doesn't matter!

Route recon, attack approach, driver training, standard combat load, weather conditions....all that and much more has as much to do with whether a vehicle is gonna get stuck as does the question of whether its tracked or wheeled.

Additionally if you're gonna hang your hat on ground pressure then be advised that modern wheeled vehicles can air down to put more surface tread on the deck to increase mobility....Long story short?  Argue all you want but wheeled 8x8 APC/IFV are here to stay.

In the Marine Corps the MTVR has been shown to be an off road all star and to have the mobility to keep up with M1 Abrams off road.

So while the argument is fun to have its no longer applicable.  The tech has changed.  Wheels that are setup properly can do what tracks can

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