Thursday, April 13, 2017

Why hasn't the Trump admin produced evidence of Syrian chemical attack?

Ok.  This is gonna piss alot of you off but I'm gonna throw it out there.  I just watched snippets of Assad's interview and while I know for a fact he will lie at the drop of a hat,I wonder.

Why hasn't the Trump admin produced evidence of the Syrian chemical attack?

The Pentagon is used to providing documentation and radar tracks of these type things.  We've seen it more than a couple of times in the past.  As a matter of fact they would provide a spokesman to walk the press thru every bit of information they had to make the case to the public.

They're tardy this time.

Yeah.  I know this takes me to some murky areas.  Yeah!  I know that this is exactly what Russian Security/Intel Services want talked about.  But I still can't wrap my head around this "so called solid evidence" as claimed by Trump.

How they could get solid proof that Sarin gas was used so quickly (before the strike) confused the hell outta me.  The fact that the UN agency responsible for keeping tabs of this shit is sitting on its hands now is also curious.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not making accusations but wondering why they don't put this issue to bed.

If they don't do so in a couple of days then we're headed toward some really uncomfortable territory.  If (and it's a huge IF) the rebels were able to stage an incident so convincing that the US military went off half cocked then we're in trouble.

My hope.

I hope the Pentagon and the Trump administration gets out in front of this and makes their evidence public.

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