Saturday, May 27, 2017

Anyone with real deal knowledge of how Intel Agencies work? Kushner issue is weird/incomprehensible...

I'm hoping like hell that there is a person in my audience with real deal knowledge of how Intel Agencies work.

The issue.

The news reports of Kushner.  It makes absolutely no sense.  Supposedly the news media got a letter back in December 2016 saying that Kushner had contact with the Russians and wanted to set up backdoor communications.


This guy is one step from the President and while Sally Yates would go to the Trump admin and hint that they needed to fire Flynn, no one sent any warning signs about Kushner?

I don't understand that.

Why would the Intel Community let a person that close to the president remain in place?  Why would they warn about Flynn but not about Kushner? Is this how the Intel Community works or are they more like law enforcement and were trying to build a case no matter what the danger to national policy?

Hopefully someone (and don't play games...I can sense bullshit) with real knowledge of the thinking can explain it to me.  This Kushner issue is weird/incomprehensible...

NOTE:  Everyone is failing to get the "force of connection" here!  This leak was first sent in a letter to the Washington Post back in December!  If Kushner is a security threat then our intel agencies should have acted LONG before now!  His security clearance should have been pulled! That's the point!!!  Why didn't they act!!!

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