Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Armored civilian car saves politician from Narco-Terrorists...

pics and caption via Enrique 262 Tumblr Page...

On April 24 2010, during the height of the Mexican drug war, the so called Templar Nights (Caballeros Templarios) drug cartel launched an ambush against the armored car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, of the at the time Secretary of Public Security of the State of Michoacán, Minerva Bautista Gómez, after using a truck to block its path.

The criminals fired over 350 rounds at the car, using weapons like G3 battle rifles, AK-series and AR-15 assault rifles, a .50 Barret anti-material rifle and 40mm grenades, but the car, boasting Level 5 ballistic protection armor,
withstood the attack, allowing the survival of the secretary herself, and all but two of her bodyguards, killed after they attempted to return fire, where no complete round managed to pierce the armored plates nor glass, just some fragments.

Two more bystanders died in the attack, and as revenge for failing to kill Mrs. Bautista, the Templarios murdered the mechanic behind the armoring of the car. 

The car now stands inside the company that armored it, as a trophy of the quality of their work.

I never knew armored cars could actually work against that type of firepower. I guess my banned steel core AK rounds aren't all the ATF claim them to be....which is interesting because I've tested them against steel plate and they can penetrate it.

Are the Narcos poorly armed, or rather are they inept when it comes to bullet selection?

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