Monday, May 22, 2017

Background for sustained combat between China & the US.

Trying to think of the background for a short on the next Korean War with an emphasis on sustained ground combat between the US and China.

Rough sketch (not even outline)...

1.  N. Korean fat boy goes even loopier.  Launches strikes against Seoul just for shits and giggles.  50K people die in the first hour, and the city is in ruins.

2.  Efforts to contain retaliation at the UN fail.

3.  US supports punishing blows against N. Korea.

4.  Massive airstrikes are launched against military and communication centers.  The entire USAF Pacific mobilizes along with Navy Air to essentially put an orbit of fighters, bombers, refuelers and drones above N. Korea.    N. Korean AF is eradicated in 6 hours with most of that time plinking hangars built into mountain sides.  Anti-air missiles defenses are 60 era models and prove to be no threat.  The North retaliates and their most effective anti-air systems is their ability to hack the airbases that these planes fly from.  Within 2 days air combat drops 50%.  Not because of lack of targets or a lack of desire to support the coming land war, but because the computer virus has done what the North couldn't....killed a portion of our AF.

5.  Little fat boy saves face and launches a nuke at Nagasaki.

6.   1 million dead, the world is outraged and war is back on.

7.  Land warfare commences with the 2nd ID along with the Korean Army launching a deliberate assault thru the DMZ.  Casualties are heavy.  The assault continues.  3rd ID is alerted for deployment to Korea.

8.  1st Mar Div and the entire ROK Marine Corps assemble off shore for an amphibious assault on the North.  China becomes alarmed.  States that they will intervene to prevent the situation from escalating and will remove little crazy.

9.  S. Korea refuses the assistance, the US objects says that the time for intervention has passed.

10.  China puts its forces on alert, starts massing at the border.  US is aware of the troop movements and seeks clarification from Beijing.  The response is terse.  China will seek to remove the little fat boy and maintain the status quo...with or without the permission of the US or S. Korea.

11.  10th Mountain is alerted for deployment to N. Korea.  Mountains are light infantry land and even though the 10th just wears the Mountain in its name for historical purposes they're light fighters...and they're gonna fight in the hills soon.

12.  USAF sends additional maintainers to the Pacific.  The problem isn't a lack of aircraft but the virus that has grounded aircraft.  US, S. Korean and Japanese Govts put out a call to every computer organization and white hat hackers to solve the computer virus situation.

13.  The USAF launches three X-37's.  Mission unknown.

14.  The USMC activates the 4th MARDIV.  US Army calls up the 256th and armories across the US are seeing increased activity.

And that's where I ran out....toss me something...or is it just batshit crazy from the start and I need to scrap it.

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