Monday, May 15, 2017

C1 Ariete Main Battle Tank, an under appreciated war horse?...a Matsimus vid!

I've been enjoying this guys video series and ran across this one today.  Could he be right?  The Ariete MBT is not well regarded but perhaps its under appreciated!

No way to actually tell and opinions are worth what they cost but he makes some good points.  I think I'll need to circle back and take a look at how we're viewing MBTs.  What is most important?  When we decide what the proper mix of capabilities are then we might be onto a proper ranking system.

How does the new triangle look?  Is armor protection most important or is it mobility?  How important is the fire control system?


We need to come up with the parameters of the debate then decide how we rank them.  And we need to make it clear what we deem as being most essential when telling the world how we rank them.

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