Friday, May 05, 2017

China's perfected F-35, the FC-31 continues development...

via Janes.
Recent information from Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian sources reveals an uptick in activity by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation on its FC-31 lightweight fighter programme.

The 'second prototype' of what has been billed as a stealthy design is reported to have flown in December 2016 and was observed undergoing a series of extensive flight tests in April. The rise in tempo of these test flights is generating speculation that the programme finally has some official support from the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).

The FC-31 was originally unveiled in November 2012 at Air Show China in Zhuhai, with the official title of 'Advanced Fighter Concept', although Chinese security restrictions at the time would not even permit anyone to credit Shenyang as the entity that had developed the aircraft.
Interesting.  So not only have the Chinese perfected the F-35 design and modified it to outperform that plane in every way, but they're also gonna get a high low stealth force too.

It's time to revise the Chinese Fighter Force Order Of Battle in the early 2020's.  Instead of just J-20s, J-11s, J-10s and tons of older fighters, you now have to add the FC-31 to that mix.

If we fight China after 2025 we're gonna lose unless we drastically change course and start working the F-35 problem.  It's past time to cut bait on that FUBAR program and get ready to face the future.

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