Thursday, May 04, 2017

Eggheads fantasize about ship-to-shore maneuver (video)

A few things though....

1.  I know this is just a simulation but a B-52 to clear lanes?  Even with B-1's or B-21's aren't we giving away our moves?

2.  I like the idea of using LCACs for the fire support mission...and they've obviously been listening to the ideas of using landing craft (or reading USMC history) to fire rockets and direct fire weapons...but do we have enough of them for this mission?  Why not use LCU's for this?  Don't they have a bigger payload?

3.  They sure like those unmanned vehicles...but unmanned AAVs?  Why not use small boats instead?  Do we have so many that we can throw them around like this?

Enough of my bitching.

I like this.  Now fine tune it and get it into the field.

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