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F-35 pilots will fill body bags if this OODA Loop 2.0 is adopted.

via Breaking Defense.
Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. The OODA Loop remains a key concept for those who fight, especially fighter pilots. After all, Air Force Col. John Boyd made it and his theory of Energy-Maneuverability famous with his bold claim to be able to defeat any other pilot within 40 seconds. Boyd helped inspire the designs of the F-16 and F-15. But the days of speed and agility as kings may be waning. In what we think is a groundbreaking piece, we offer a new theory for fighter dominance, as well as for the domains of Electromagnetic Maneuver and Cyber Warfare. The key: getting good information more rapidly than the enemy and being able to use it more quickly.The authors of the new theory are Lockheed Martin’s Tod Schuck and the Air Force Research Lab’s Erik Blasch. Read on. The Editor.
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I see people at the range who propose this exact same type of theory.  They can shoot on the black all day.....if they're stationary.

They have the best gear money can buy...stuff they'll never use in real life in a million years unless we have a zombie outbreak.

They have trucks that are jacked to the sky, have ATVs that never get muddy and alway buy the latest and greatest from Shot Show.

But they're fat as hell and will die from a coronary if they do more than a fast walk or lift something that weighs over 10 pounds.

Sorta like the guy you see at the right.  Why don't I share a little fitness knowledge with them?  Why don't I give them a few dietary and physical training tips so they can sort themselves out?  Because I don't dare.  They see themselves every morning and either they're ignoring the problem or don't have the will to change.  They're in a false comfort zone.  They would rather stay the same and face the consequences...even though they're deadly, than do the hard work of improving their health.

What does that have to do with the F-35?

Lockheed Martin, the USAF/USMC, our allies, the Pentagon and Defense Ministries of our allies are in a comfort zone.

They all know better (sorry, but I'm convinced that they do know better...they're just trying to stifle any debate and hope that the maxim "we'll fix it after we get it" actually comes true) but they're in a jam so they're coming up with all kinds of goofy theories to explain why everything with the plane is A-ok!

But the reality is that it isn't.

This dependence on "sensor fusion"...something that no one in the DoD or Lockheed Martin has ever actually explained is somehow going to replace the need to fly high, fly fast and turn on a dime?

Information is now everything and agility is nothing?  They've gone too far and here is the proof.  I didn't post on it because the article was (in my mind...your mileage may vary) idiotic.  The name of the article?  An F-35 pilot explains how the stealth fighter can have a crushing psychological effect on the enemy

This part stood out...
Retired US Marine Corps Maj. Dan Flatley will never forget the crushing feeling of helplessness he felt the first time he faced a stealth jet while he was flying in an F/A-18.

"I remember indelibly the moment in which the AWAC (airborne early warning and control plane) called out to me that there was a Raptor [an F-22 stealth fighter] in front of me at very close range that made me uncomfortable," Flatley told Business Insider in a phone interview.

"I had no way of targeting him, no way of defending myself."

Despite years of training to stay focused and level headed under the extreme pressures of air-to-air combat, a sense of dread set in.

Before even seeing the F-22, Flatley had already surrendered his composure, and therefore his ability to effectively fight back.
I don't know if Flatley accidentally revealed classified information but we do know something important.

Our E3 AWACS can detect stealth aircraft.  What I don't understand is how could an AWACS track an F-22 that was in close proximity to the Hornet but couldn't have detected him further out.

Oh and if I'm not mistaken our AWACs fly at least 100 miles or so behind the front lines of the air war.  So that means our early warning planes can see the F-22 quite far out.

For Flatley to lose composure says things that I don't want to touch.

My point.

Simple.  They're feeding us bullshit and have so many holes in their story that it doesn't make sense.  If information is the new key to winning then with 20-1 win rates we don't need more than 500 F-35's for the USAF and MAYBE another 100 for the USMC.

They're pushing hard for some reason.  What it is I don't know but I've been tracking articles that smack of desperation.  Add this to the list.  Oh and as far as this OODA Loop 2.0?  Bullshit.  Having perfect information is only one part of the fight.  Putting steel on target and avoiding getting hit is the other.

I don't think the F-35 is capable of doing any of the include providing perfect information to its pilot.

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