Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FNSS is killing it (part 3)

Last but not least we cover a few of their tracked vehicles...

*   KAPLAN MT brings a new breath to the tank class

The Middleweight Class Tank KAPLAN MT, which FNSS has been developing in partnership with Indonesian PT Pindad, is on the lookout for IDEF 2017 with prototype ready for testing. KAPLAN MT; Delicate direct fire capability, ammunition that provides close fire support, wide ammunition options ranging from anti-tank ammunition, and superior tactics and strategic mobility bring a new breath to the battlefield.

*   Next-Generation Armored Combat Vehicle with High Protection Level: KAPLAN-30

FNSS launches KAPLAN-30, the new and top model of the Next Generation Armored Combat Vehicle (YN-ZMA) product family, in IDEF 2017. Compared to KAPLAN-15 and KAPLAN-20 which are amphibic members of the KAPLAN family, KAPLAN-30 attracts attention with its high interior volume and high protection level. FNSS continued to develop both the needs of potential customers and the development of unique technologies, and developed KAPLAN 30 YN-ZMA, seeing the need for a higher weight class vehicle.

*   New Generation Amphibious Armored Combat Vehicle: KAPLAN-20

KAPLAN 20 Next Generation Armored Combat Vehicle (FNSS) The weight class of the ZMA vehicle, which continues to serve successfully in the Turkish, United Arab Emirates and Malaysian Armed Forces inventory, is in the 21st century. Depending on the weight of the battle, the vehicle with an average of 23 BG / ton power / weight ratio, automatic transmission and the ability to move in common with main battle tanks can fulfill all kinds of tasks by integrating different subsystems.

FNSS has put together a real nice lineup.  Did you notice what's missing? The Turk AAV replacement isn't being shown.  Hopefully we'll get a peek later this year.


Forget the govt (yeah I know the Turk president isn't real popular right now) and look at the company, the innovation and the engineering.

I SAY AGAIN!  FNSS is killing it!

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