Friday, May 12, 2017

German Air Chief prefers CH-47F (Extended Range) over CH-53K

via Jane's 360
The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) would prefer the Boeing CH-47F Extended Range (ER) Chinook to fulfil its Schweren Transporthubschrauber (STH) requirement over the Sikorsky's CH-53K King Stallion, the service's chief disclosed on 11 May.

Speaking at European Air Chiefs Conference (EURAC) in Germany, Lieutenant General Karl Müllner said that he preferred the Chinook over the King Stallion as a future replacement platform for the Luftwaffe's current VFW-Fokker/Sikorsky CH-53G/GS/GA Stallion helicopters.

"The question is, do we want an existing and proven helicopter available quickly or a more modern, but not as of yet fully established helicopter [that will be] perhaps delayed?
Story here.

Interesting.  I guess paying 140 million per helicopter is enough to give anyone cold feet.

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