Thursday, May 11, 2017

It's a meme filled with cliches but it's so have a different value system and concerns...

Check out the meme I found on YouAreClearedHot-Over Tumblr Page and catch me on the other side...

I've seen this floating around and might have posted it before (if so I apologize) but it always grabs at my heartstrings.

I don't know what the future holds but I can almost guarantee that most people will eventually face soul crushing hard times.  It's just part of life.  The memes that are being mocked here and the ones I hope my audience embrace are two sides of the same coin.

Two views held by people of the same nation.

Yeah I know that's overly broad but you get my point.  We're living in an age that is so soft that people confuse real hardship with inconvenience.  Some don't know the difference from real suffering, hardship and courage .... and words tossed around to make a certain group of people feel special.

My wish for you?

That you never forget the difference....

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