Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Philippine Army convoy ambushed, vehicles captured!

Thanks to Jonathan for the link!

 Heavy clashes erupted once again in Marawi on Wednesday afternoon local time after ISIS insurgents ambushed a Philippine Army convoy which was heading towards the city centre through its western suburbs.

Using anti-tank weaponry and various types of armaments, the ISIS-linked Maute and Abu Sayyaf militants forced the Philippine troops to abandon their armored vehicles after killing at least a handful of government soldiers.

In addition, jihadist fighters also downed a DJI Mavic Pro surveillance drone over Marawi:

This represents the second successful ambush conducted by Islamic State forces in Marawi since clashes began due to the ISIS uprising last week.

Despite reports to the contrary, at least half of the city remains under ISIS control, including all neighborhoods in downtown Marawi, the port in southern Marawi along with the Mapandi and Bayabao bridges.

Nevertheless, counter-insurgency operations are still underway as the Philippine Army has enemy combatants outnumbered at least ten to ten. Some 500 ISIS fighters are said to be bogged down in Marawi with hundreds more active across rural Lanao which is under martial law.

This is an interesting fight.  Quite honestly this is a type of fight that the USMC, MARSOC and the Navy SEALs along with the littoral combat ship concept were tailor made to fight.

Don't misunderstand!  I'm not saying we should help the Philippines...we're overstretched enough, but this is the type of island fighting that we could excel at.

But back on task.

Looks like the Philippine Army is getting its teeth kicked in.  I might need to pay attention to this much as I've been resisting it, this might be a fight worth watching.

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