Thursday, May 25, 2017

Politics Talk. It was fun and games but now you screwed the Brits! Now we have an opportunity!

via Washington Post.
President Trump on Thursday denounced U.S. leaks about Britain’s investigation of the Manchester terrorist bombing as “deeply troubling” and asked the U.S. Justice Department and other agencies to launch a full investigation.

Leaks from the ongoing probe — including the publication of crime-scene photos in the New York Times and the naming of the suspected bomber by U.S. broadcasters — have provoked ire from British officials.

In response to the disclosures, British police investigating the Manchester attack took the highly unusual step of withholding information from U.S. agencies, whom they believe are responsible for the leaks. But by late Thursday evening, police said they had resumed intelligence sharing following “fresh assurances.”

British authorities have not said that the leaks have hurt the investigation into worst terrorist attack in Britain in more than a decade -- 22 people died and 116 were injured Monday evening following a bomb explosion at the conclusion of a pop concert in Manchester.

But some commentators have suggested that publishing the name of the suspected bomber could have compromised the investigation. Withholding of the name for longer could have allowed authorities to track down people who may have since gone to ground, they said.
I've said the intel agencies were out of control but the media and some of my readers instead called the leaks and the leakers patriots.

Trump himself has actually bitched about the leaks and called for an investigation of them.

It all fell on deaf ears.

News reporters and the leakers reveled in the glory of being defenders of the American people by letting top secret and above info into the wild.  They basked in the idea that they "made journalism cool again".

The made excuses.


Now Trump has the ammo necessary to do a real deal purge.  He has a golden ticket to ruin the deep state and start an effort to hunt down the leakers.

It wouldn't surprise me if there isn't a secret court order that gives permission to start tapping phones and monitoring communications from certain individuals based on national security!

The only laughable part of this whole thing is the Brit decision to stop sharing information.  I'd bet body parts that the statement was made to satisfy UK popular opinion.  What do I base that on?  McMaster has said nothing.  Not a word about the leak.  Not a word about the British action.

This tough talk from the British Prime Minister is just talk.

If I'm wrong then the Brits have a huge, low hanging pair of " don't give a fuck" on them.

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