Friday, May 19, 2017

Politics Talk. The Media is the enemy...

Sitting here monitoring MSNBC and what do I see?  Two things...

1.  Unnamed sources say that someone inside the White House is under investigation for Russian ties.

2.  Trump supposedly said that Comey was a nutjob and that firing him would relieve pressure to THE RUSSIANS!

If it isn't obvious to you then let me spell it out.  The media is an active participant in trying to disrupt the Trump admin.  These news releases are timed to inflict as much damage as possible and they even regurgitate them in an effort to keep this story front and center.

Additionally, if this trash is true then Trump has his own Brutus inside his inner circle.  McMaster?  Possibly.  He has the smell of being a neo-con.  Pence?  Not sure.  Dude definitely has stepped in it too, but he also has that neo-con smell.

One thing is certain.  The news media is close to overplaying their hand.  Even Trump's most ardent haters have to begin to wonder about all these leaks and how all these different news organizations are getting fed like pigs at a slop trough.

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