Thursday, May 11, 2017

Politics talk. This Flynn could be blackmailed by the Russians is propaganda from our govt!

Bear with me on this one.

Some will accept this, others will call me a tinfoil hat wearer.  First check this out from the Washington Post, dated Feb 13, 2017...
The acting attorney general informed the Trump White House late last month that she believed Michael Flynn had misled senior administration officials about the nature of his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States, and warned that the national security adviser was potentially vulnerable to Russian blackmail, current and former U.S. officials said.

The message, delivered by Sally Q. Yates and a senior career national security official to the White House counsel, was prompted by concerns that ­Flynn, when asked about his calls and texts with the ­Russian diplomat, had told Vice ­President-elect Mike Pence and others that he had not discussed the Obama administration sanctions on Russia for its interference in the 2016 election, the officials said. It is unclear what the White House counsel, Donald McGahn, did with the ­information.

Flynn resigned Monday night in the wake of revelations about his contacts with the Russian ambassador.

If the NSA was concerned about Flynn's activities then if he had gone "rogue" they would have already compiled enough evidence to act.  If they thought that he might be "compromisable" then they would have put in place more active (than they already are) surveillance measures to protect against such a thing happening!


This story is dated from Feb of this year.  The Sally Yates testimony was pure theater!  We already heard these accusations!

Of course this brings me to my next point.  From CNN earlier this week...
Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates said Monday that she alerted the White House earlier this year that former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn could be "essentially blackmailed by the Russians."

"We believed that Gen. Flynn was compromised with respect to the Russians," Yates told a Senate judiciary subcommittee, in a high-profile hearing on Russian meddling into the US election.
Yates told the panel that she had a meeting with White House Counsel Donald McGahn on January 26 to tell him that she had information that statements by Vice President Mike Pence, based on his conversations with Flynn, were false. She was joined in the meeting by a senior career official in the Justice Department.
Do you get the force of connection here?

I've been monitoring liberal or "left" leaning news sites like MSNBC and they acted like the Yates testimony was something new...sensational...information that no one heard before.

But we had.

Unfortunately the Trump admin is so inexperienced in playing these high stakes Inside the Beltway Games that they are incapable of performing a full throated defense.

Plus he's fighting not only the deep state but also establishment Dems/Republicans and Neo-Cons (from both parties).

Long story short?

Trump was right.  This is a fake news story.  More than enough time has passed to let us know the extent of Russian meddling.  The FBI should have been able to wrap up this investigation at least a month or two ago.

The only reason why they haven't is because Comey was overly cautious sought to gather irrefutable evidence to safeguard the FBI from a controversial decision and refused to call an end to the witch hunt.

You are in the land of mirrors people.  You are being bombarded by a coordinated, well financed, cross party effort to blunt the Trump admins agenda.  You are the subject of propaganda...or the modern term...information warfare.  What should scare you is how effective it is and how easily so many are so unaware of simple facts.

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