Sunday, May 14, 2017

Politics Talk. Trump office bugged because Russian Press went in? Are you stupid!

I noticed that an early talking point of the media that they have since dropped but continue among the pajama wearing boys is this...
Trump let the Russian media into his office, so there is a danger that they could have planted a bug!
My question to the readers of my blog and others is this.

Are you stupid!

The US Secret Service conducts multiple sweeps of the White House everyday (or at the very least every week!) so there is absolutely no danger of that happening.  Additionally every press person would have been screened by the USSS before they even came on grounds...either overtly, covertly or both!

Another thing.

The idea that Flynn, a former intel chief, would talk to the Russian ambassador and NOT know that he is under constant surveillance in the US is just beyond belief.  If he talked about sanctions with Russia then it was because he was directed to by Trump OR he knew that was Trump's intent and acted appropriately.

I'm not asking you to fall in love with Trump, but I do need you guys to sit back...relax...and THINK!

You want to know why they're moving toward investigating financial ties?  Simple!  Because they found no indication that the Russians and Trump campaign colluded!

They're hunting for something to hang on the wall and this is the only left on the table.

This latest "Trump threat" is being magnified to keep this story front and center for the American people and is an attempt to weaken his admin and demoralize republicans.

Don't be a victim of the media, establishment on both sides or the Neo-Cons.  THINK!

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