Friday, May 19, 2017

Politics Talk.

Real short and sweet on this one.

It's alleged that Trump is still in contact with Flynn.  Everyone is assuming that Flynn can be pressured to turn on Trump (assuming that Trump did something illegal...something I still push against).

My theory.  My belief.

Flynn wouldn't turn because he believes in his "rightness".  Additionally I'm betting that Flynn already knows that Trump will pardon him based on his statements of how unfair he's been treated (I agree..this has been a piling on from the start of his administration that historians will dissect in detail).

Long short?

No matter the outcome of the Mueller investigation there will be no one going to jail.  This has been a huge snipe hunt.  It is and always has been an intel investigation and the FBI has shown itself to be behind the power curve.  The Russians made an ass of them.  Just on a side note.  Can someone explain to me how releasing e-mails (not altering them just releasing them) is seen as "influencing an election?  Still think those hackers deserve the Medal of Freedom for giving us a peek behind the curtain of the Democrat Party.

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