Saturday, May 06, 2017

Turkey has a new MLRS style rocket launcher...

via Daily Sabah.
Turkey's major weapons manufacturer and defense contracting company ROKETSAN's domestic KAAN missile and weapon system, which pioneered Turkey's national missile and rocket programs, will be displayed for the first time at the 13th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) to be held at the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center on May 9-12. ROKETSAN will be one of the biggest surprises featured at IDEF 2017, where the latest technological products of the Turkish defense industry will be showcased.

Measuring 610 milimeters in diameter, the KAAN missile which was developed and produced by ROKETSAN provides excellent fire support to maneuvering units by creating timely, accurate and effective fire and opening intense firing capabilities on high priority targets in all weather and terrain conditions, day and night. The KAAN missile will be able to shoot targets precisely thanks to its inertial guidance system supported by a Global Positioning System (GPS). It can be stored, transported and launched as an in-pod missile configuration, placed in an insulated pod.

The launching of the missile can be carried out from other platforms with an interface suitable for integration with the ROKETSAN-produced KAAN weapon system.
Wow.  Everyone is developing heavy weight rockets.  The next peer to peer conflict will be a VERY lethal affair.

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