Tuesday, May 30, 2017

USMC/Navy Aircraft Readiness Rates and Deployments (Potential Action in Korea).

One thing has irked me after getting back online and reading some of the comments on other blog posts.

People take raw facts/issues I raise and discuss them with no nuance...no understanding...with little (apparent) understanding of how the military works.

The issue at hand?

There have been numerous reports about the poor readiness rates of USMC/USN strike aircraft. God knows  I have bitched about it enough on these pages. What stunned me (and it really shouldn't have) is that a person thinks that because the entire fleet has a poor readiness rating that it would automatically extend to units that are deployed.  More specifically that it would apply to units that were primed (it seems) to enter a read deal shooting war.

What I'm trying to decide is whether its up to me to explain that deployed units get priority...that units that seem ready to go to war would get enhanced support...or if I should expect my readership to understand that.

Long story short?  Every Super Hornet in the US would be stripped of parts to support those airplanes on the carrier if war were to be declared.  That goes for every other plane operating in the theater if the balloon goes up.  Military flights would shut down in the US and in select locations overseas before a unit involved in active combat operations went without the parts they needed.

So yeah those readiness rates are real...but qualified.  I hope I'm clear but if not talk to one of the guys in the Wing that frequent the page.

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