Sunday, May 07, 2017

We have a military base in Argentina and Colombia?

via Sputnik
"These bases present a threat to humanity. American imperialism has promoted them. Right now, the US has more than 800 military bases on all continents. The Trump administration does not intend to reduce their number. Instead they are building new ones as seen in Argentina, Colombia and other nations, primarily located in South America," he said.
Story here. 

Wait what?

We have a base in Argentina and Colombia?  Is this true?  The guy making the statement is a Brazilian peace freak with obvious anti-US feelings.  The article is WITHOUT A DOUBT anti-US (although I tend to agree that we have too many foreign bases), so I'm just not sure.

Can any of my readers in S. America confirm this?  If true is it SOCOM secret squirrel stuff or is it just partnership missions that SPMAGTF-South America conduct all the time?

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