Monday, May 08, 2017

Why does everyone love the L-CAT????

Thanks to Storm Shadow for the idea!

Why is everyone so in love with the L-CAT?  What does it do that the LCAC can't (with the exception of my note below)?  Have we even tested the effects of Marines doing a landing from 100 miles off shore?  Will they be carried in the LCAC's crew compartment or inside the armored vehicles?  Will they be fit to fight after such a long ride (same applies to these ultra long raids with MV-22' have to have degraded combat capability after such a long flight)?

So you tell me.  Why do you guys lust after the L-CAT?

Note:  One thing I learned from the video is that the L-CAT has exceptional long range (800 miles...pretty damn good for a landing craft mechanized), has self defense capability (assuming its installed, and up to 25mm cannons) and a shocker for me...apparently they've tested launches at sea (if it can do it instream is beyond me).

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