Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Chinese YJ-12 Anti-Ship Missile proves 200nm is not enough...Admiral Greenert was right, we're gonna have to rollback enemy defenses!

via Chinese Military Review.
Very interesting GIF OF YJ-12 Sea-Skimming Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile being launched by Chinese H-6G Badger. While specifications of YJ-12 are not available, details of Its export version called CM-302 supersonic anti-ship missile were made public at Airshow China 2016.

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) has disclosed that CM-302 supersonic anti-ship missile has a range of 280 kilometers with warhead of 250 kgs. Missile is capable of sea-skimming at supersonic speed for most of the flight, with capability to  maneuver at terminal stage to avoid hard kill close-in weapon system (CIWS). 
So if the mythical sea base is setup 200nm off shore then even that isn't enough.  I can't find the article but I DISTINCTLY remember Amos and Greenert doing a talk, and Amos saying that we would need the sea base to hover 65, 100, maybe 200nm off shore.  Greenert disagreed and stated that the Navy will rollback enemy defenses.

The YJ-12 for export proves that Greenert was right (he also said that the F/A-XX should not necessarily be stealthy or fast).

There are no shortcuts or "easy" amphibious assault.

For it to work it will require hardwork.  The sooner the Marine Corps wraps its brain around the fact, the sooner we can get to work on dealing with these future threats to the Landing Force and get our Marines onto and across the beach toward the inland objective.

THERE IS NO EASY WAY!  But it is doable!

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