Thursday, June 22, 2017

Amphibious Testing of AMV 28A Completed.

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via Defense Aerospace.
Patria AMV28A armoured wheeled vehicle completed successfully the swimming tests organised in the end of May in Finland. With a total weight of 28 tonnes the vehicle swam without difficulties, as expected. Patria AMV28A, where 28A stands for 28 tonnes GVW amphibious (sea-stage 3) vehicle, is the latest member of Patria AMV product family, introduced at IDEX 2017 event earlier this year.

In the swimming tests, two different Patria AMV28A vehicles were tested - one in test configuration with full amphibious weight of 28 tonnes and the other one equipped with Kongsberg Protector MCT-30 turret with some payload capacity available. Both vehicles had no difficulties completing the various amphibious tests at the Hanko area in southern Finland during rather strong wind conditions, constant wind speed being 10-13 m/s, in gusts more than 17 m/s. 
Story here. 

Interesting solution.  Bolt on flotation armor and you can credibly slap the amphibious label on a combat car.  I wonder if this will catch on.  Could you slap some flotation armor (develop a kit) for the Bradley for use in the Pacific? The Stryker?  Suddenly you would see ordinary IFVs that get scared looking at rivers ready to swim from ship to shore.

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