Friday, June 30, 2017

Chinese Foreign Minister warns India about incursion into disputed territory...

China today asked India to withdraw its troops from the Donglong area in Sikkim sector as a precondition for a "meaningful dialogue" to settle the boundary issue, warning that the Indian Army should learn "historical lessons", in an oblique reference to the 1962 war.

In an unprecedented move, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang displayed a photograph of what he alleged was Indian "incursion" into Donglong area and said the dispute which is becoming a confrontation of sorts between the troops on the ground can only be settled by the withdrawal of Indian soldiers from the area.

"Since the illegal trespass happened we have lodged solemn representations with the Indian side in both New Delhi and Beijing," Mr Lu said, showing the photograph from the podium.

He said the photographs will be displayed on the Foreign Ministry's website later.
Story here. 

This is a curious, simmering conflict.  No one is paying attention to it but I rate a sharp short fight between China and India to be more likely than a fight between India and Pakistan.  When it comes to major players I consider this to be the only REAL hotspot on the globe right now.

Yeah I know.  N. Korea is still hot despite most people mistakenly believing that things have calmed down since its no longer front page news (they're wrong by the way....PACOM is still jumping around like crazy...can't put my finger on it but they haven't slowed down preparations one bit), but this thing between China and India has been on slow boil for at least a few years now.

Both sides are gearing up big time, both sides keep reinforcing and both sides are sending more capable units to the area.

Keep an eye on this one guys.

One late night when you're looking slack eyed and silly you'll turn on CNN and see news alerts of intense fighting here.  2 years max.  That's my prediction.  The way they're gearing up and priming forces it'll take two years for a serious incident to kick off.

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