Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Corbyn could win the election on Thurs according to one analyst. The terrorist might have swung UK's election...

via National Interest.
We are bored of reacting to terror, but not quite apathetic. At the subterranean or subconscious level, a great rage is bubbling, one that might manifest in a strange result in Thursday’s general election. This election, it was originally thought, would revolve around Brexit. Not so. It appears that the spate of terrorist attacks in the past three months have dramatically altered the terrain on which this election will take place. Indeed, it is also sending out shock waves in the United States, where Donald Trump issued several tweets in response, including the contention that “we must stop being politically correct,” which appears to be, at least rhetorically, similar turf to that which Theresa May is staking out as she refers explicitly to the “evil ideology of Islamist extremism.” She noted, “We cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are.”
Then this.
 But lots of people feel insecure now, and even though everybody has to thank the first responders for their bravery in combating the threats we face—the British police did perform well last night, killing three terrorists in eight minutes—resentment towards the state is brewing. Our civil liberties have been greatly eroded to keep us safe, yet still we are not safe. Now May is talking about clamping down on the Internet, a move that is sure to engender a fresh round of controversy, not least on the Internet itself, as social media lashes itself into a frenzy.

The majority might think Jeremy Corbyn is a hopeless lefty wimp, but it’s been a strange election, and, a year on from Brexit, the British people are perhaps in the mood again for summer madness.
Story here. 

The author is spot on when he says that a rage is building over these terror attacks.  He's got his finger on the mood of the people when he says in the article that the politicians are repeating themselves (and the new media too) with the sloganeering and talking points that they come up with after these attacks.

"We will live our lives".

"We won't let the terrorists win"

We hear stuff like that and more after each and every terror attack.  The news media and politicians are once again behind the power curve.  They're going by what their associates are saying and missing what the common man and woman on the street is thinking.

This isn't normal.

They are changing the way that people live.

As things stand right now the terrorists are winning.

Prime Minister May better be careful.  This election has the hallmark of being an upset in the making.  She might have been too smart by half.

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