Thursday, June 01, 2017

First pics of the Israeli "Stunner" 6th Gen Air to Air Missile!

Thanks to the Mighty Zuk for the pics!

Interesting.  I knew nothing of this thing but HushKit covered it awhile ago...
Never mind the Meteor, the air-to-air missile (AAMs) that will shake up the future will be based on the Israeli-American Rafael/Raytheon Stunner. Presently in development as a surface-to-air missile (SAM), the Stunner (part of the Israeli Sling of David defence system) uses a dual-band optical/radar guidance system. Its dual-band guidance is unusual, as is the fact it is ‘hit-to-kill’, and that it is starting life as a SAM (normally AAMs evolve a SAM variant, not the other way around).
Article here. 

I'm game.  Let's try it out.  If it works then better to buy Israeli tech and leverage that dual tech relationship and get something to the fleet sooner rather than later!

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