Saturday, June 03, 2017

Gunner Wade! Suppressors are cool but let the Dawgs paint their rifles!

Gunner Wade has been a breath of fresh air on Marine Corps social media.  He's filling a void that many have had.  A senior Marine talking about warfighting...about making the individual Marine more lethal...about becoming a shock troop ninja hybrid that comes from the sea and air and slays all enemies before them.

Hold that thought for a second.

Take a look at the pic above.  Black gloves are a no-no, and I expect the young Devil Dawg to be corrected by his squad leader or platoon sgt.  But even if that error is corrected he's still totting a black rifle.

That's just bad ju-ju.

Allowing Marines to paint their rifles is a simple fix.  We don't even need them to be painted in multiple colors in some type of pattern.  Just take the Coyote Brown that is now a Marine Corps base color in all environments and apply it to the service rifle.  Cerakote-ing it would be ideal but just a properly applied rattle can job that has to be touched up every now and then would be a great stop gap.

So back to you Gunner Wade.  Suppressors are cool but let the Dawgs paint their rifles!  Suppress both sound and visual cues.  On the future battlefield it could be a lifesaver.

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