Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Russian BMPT variant displayed in Syria

via Janes.
A previously unseen version of the UralVagonZavod (UVZ) BMPT tank support combat vehicle was displayed for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad when he visited the main Russian airbase in his country on 27 June.

The original BMPT Terminator was developed for the Russian Army to protect its main battle tanks (MBTs) in urban warfare operations by suppressing threats like dismounted anti-tank missile teams. However, the Russian programme was cancelled and the only known customer is Kazakhstan.

The original BMPT is based on a much-modified hull from a T-72 MBT with a higher roof towards the rear, a new armour package, and a new turret.
Chris Foss is on his game.  I noticed this pic (thanks to one of my readers) but didn't get its significance.

A new BMPT variant?

The Russians are ahead of the game (whether you like it or not).  We talk about fighting in urban areas?  They have a vehicle to get that fight done.  We talk about combating enemy UAVs?  They can engage those vehicles in an adhoc fashion with these vehicles.

We must stop resting on our laurels and get back to doing the hard work of prepping for the big fight that's coming!

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