Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Not only is the USMC unfunded priority biased toward aviation but they hid additional wing projects under the ground tag!

I've talked about how the Marine Corps has been biasing its budget toward aviation for the past decade or more.  A congressman asked about it at a recent budget hearing and many readers have wondered about it too.

Well all those complaints MUST HAVE gotten up to HQMC.  Why do I say that? Because in the Marine Corps unfunded priorities list they had the audacity to hide several wing programs inside the ground component budget list. Check this out via USNI News.


1 MARSOC Long Endurance Small UAS UUNS $16.60
2 155mm HE Training Round $17.00
3 60mm Full Range Practice Round $11.00
4 81mm Full Range Practice Round $14.50
5 G/ATOR System Acceleration $122.406 G/ATOR Comm Equipment Group Shelter $4.507 Instrumented Tactical Engagement Simulation (ITESS-II), Force on Force          Training Sys.$8.90
8 Night Optics (INOD Block III) for Sniper Rifle $20.20
9 Full Spectrum Cyber Operations - Deployable Mission Support Systems             (DMSS)$7.10
10 Facilities Sustainment (80%) $44.90
11 Tactical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) Suites, CI and HUMINT               Equipment Program (CIHEP)$10.10
12 P210 - F-35 Simulator Facility, MCAS Miramar, Calif. $47.6013 P977 - Combat Vehicle Warehouse, MCLB Albany, Ga. $43.30
14 P1458 - 2nd Radio BN Complex, Phase 2, MCB Lejeune, N.C. $64.30
15 P542 - TBS Fire Station Building 533 Repalcement, MCB Quantico, Va. $23.70
16 P877 - Mokapu Gate Entry Control AT/FP Compliance, MCB Kaneohe Bay,         Hawai$26.50
         USMC GROUND TOTAL $482.60 (NOTE:  Highlighted portions are done by SNAFU! Blog)

Yeah.  That's how bad things are.  An F-35 Simulator Facility is hid in the USMC's Ground portion of the budget?  The G/ATOR Radar system components are also hid here?

Kinda makes ya wonder doesn't it.  I didn't go over the actual budget just over this unfunded priorities list and it makes me wonder now.

One other thing.  Is this how they're hiding some of the cost of the F-35?  I'm not sure but it means going over the USAF, USN and USMC budgets with a fine tooth comb.  I don't really know if I want to take that on but it might be worth a shot.

My last shot across the bow is this.  Want to know the difference in the "wish list" between ground and air?  The Marine Corps listed the aviation wish list as being 2.36 Billion.  For ground it was 482 Million.  Think about that and wonder about funding priorities.

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