Thursday, June 08, 2017

SNAFU! Podcast Episode 1. The Mega City Fight!

This is the first SNAFU! Podcast. Bear with me this is a learning experience but forget all that.  A little background.  For some reason I found myself debating the issue of fighting in a mega city with a reader.

Note:  I don't know what happened but the recording stopped a few seconds early...

I found it so stimulating that I decided to give this podcast thing another try and here we are.

Back on task.  The issue is simple.  Let's say the Army Chief of Staff and Major Spencer are spot on.  How do you fight in a mega city?  How do you take care of over a million people (housing, clothing, healthcare and protection) while still conducting combat operations?

My take is that it will require at least 6-10 divisions...but that's me. So you guys give me your take on this.  How is this even remotely possible?

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