Saturday, June 03, 2017

The UK got hit with another terrorist attack!

Thanks to EWS for the link!

via dailymail.
Man hunt launched for three terrorists as men with '12in hunting knives stab pedestrians' after mowing down up to 20 people with a white van amid reports of explosions in third attack in ten weeks
There have been unconfirmed reports of at least seven victims being stabbed at landmark in central London
Three men 'of Mediterranean origin' reportedly left van and began stabbing people on Borough High Street
One witness said she saw three people with what appeared to be their throats cut on London Bridge
Also unconfirmed reports of gunfire on Southwark Street amid the 'utter chaos' of attack on Saturday night
Police are also responding to an incident at Borough Market, Scotland Yard have confirmed
Armed police and a bomb squad are attending the scene and boats are currently searching the Thames
Did you see what happened? Email or call 0203 615 3875 
How long will it take before we hear the usual "we will not terrorist win, we will carry on with our normal lives"?

Well wake the fuck up people!  This shit is not normal!  It's past time for people to demand action to keep these types of incidents from happening.

But they won't.

Instead we will hear people talk about these being relatively few in number.  We will hear comparisons of these murders to inner city homicide where thugs kill thugs (natural fucking selection at work) instead of people acknowledging the problem.

Terrorism is a clear and present danger and it is practiced by a certain group of people.

When the gang epidemic hit, we cut loose on Crips and Bloods, when bootlegging hit we went after rural whites, when the mafia was raging we went after Italians.

Now we have terrorism but we don't want to do the obvious thing and target the group from which the perpetrators hail?

Simply amazing.

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