Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Top 5 Criminal Organizations on Earth

Below are the top 5 criminal organizations as compiled by Wiselwisel Tumblr Page. Images and captions are from his site.

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)
It is an organization with between 30,000 and 50,000 members . It began in Los Angeles with the purpose of protecting the emigrants from El Salvador who were escaping from the mistreatment and contempt of Mexicans, Argentines, African Americans or Americans. Its members are characterized by having a large number of tattoos, to demonstrate their membership and to express their loyalty and love to the Mara, and each of them has a meaning. The activities they carry out are related to the sale of drugs, extortion, sale of weapons, kidnapping, theft and murders on demand. Their rites to be members are very violent and do not differentiate between men and women; One of them is to endure a beating by all the members who get to last 13 seconds or should enter the neighborhoods of a rival gang and kill one of its members. It is estimated that their estate is about $ 1 trillion a year from robberies, robbery, extortion and threats.

Sinaloa Cartel 
The Sinaloa Cartel is the largest and most powerful drug trafficking organization in the Western Hemisphere . Its great success is due to the fact that it has members of the federal police and the army in favor of bribes. It is led by Joaquin Guzman Loera alias "El Chapo" who was arrested in 2014 but escaped in July of this year by a tunnel. The activities in which this organization stands out are related to the trafficking and sale of drugs, trafficking and trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, prostitution, theft of gasoline, money laundering and arms trafficking. It is estimated that its patrimony surpasses the 3.5 trillion dollars, profits of the drug trafficking, leaving "El Chapo" among the men richest of the world according to the magazine "Forbes". 

Yamaguchi-Gumi, named in honor of its founder Harukichi Yamaguchi, is one of the largest yakuza groups in Japan. It is led by Kenichi Shinoda and has 20,400 active members and 18,600 associate members in 2007. Its main activities are the trafficking of arms, murders, bank fraud, assassins, extortion, drug trafficking, infiltration in government agencies among others. This clan has large amounts of income a year, the result of its crimes, which is estimated at 15 trillion dollars a year. 

'Ndrangheta (Calabreses)
It is a criminal organization of Italy established in Calabria, and is the most powerful criminal element of this country since the 1990s. This organization is headed by Pasquale Condello dubbed "Il supremo". The only way to be part of this organization is to have a blood tie with them, they have a total of between 4,000 and 5,000 members, since there are about a hundred of these families. Its main activities are drug trafficking, commercial enterprises, public contracts, prostitution, extortion, usury and arms trafficking. All this gives you an annual income of 35-40 billion euros. 

The Bratva (Russian Mafia)
It was founded in Russia after the fall of the former Soviet Union The chief of chiefs is Semyon Mogilevich nicknamed "The Don Brainy" because of his vision for business. Its income is about 70 trillion dollars a year, money obtained by extortion, arms trafficking, fraud, computer crime, trafficking in people, illegal trade in oil, prostitution, drug trafficking among others. 
A couple of things...I don't know how accurate this list is but I was fascinated by it because I hadn't heard of 3 of them.  Next, Google Translate had a tough time with it but read between the lines on the captions on each photo.

Some wiseguy (pun intended) will chime in that govt A, B, or C is more corrupt than these groups.  We're not going there...

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