Friday, June 16, 2017

US Army Captain says country's military 'not best in the world anymore'

via Independent.
A US Army Captain has said that the American military is perhaps not the best in the world because it is "not as prepared or ready for combat as their multinational partners".

Captain J Scott Metz wrote in an Army professional journal that he feels other countries' troops are "now tactically better than we are at company level and below because we do not train enough at home station".

He includes allies and "some potential enemies" as better prepared than US forces. 
Story here. 

You've heard me beat on this drum before, but I gotta do it again.  Our strategy of "forward presence" is wrecking the force!

I don't know if its an attempt to justify money or if someone somewhere actually believes that penny packets of servicemembers actually deter aggression but the health of the force is now in the balance.

No one in the Pentagon dares say it but we're on the tipping point of a hollow force.  

The announcement of 4k troops to Afghanistan today might be the very thing to damage it so badly that it takes a decade to rebuild.  We seriously need to rethink this drink before its too late.

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