Friday, July 14, 2017

An eye for an eye has started in Iraq...

@Regrann from - A video purportedly showing Iraqi soldiers throwing suspected #IslamicState militants off of a roof and then shooting their bodies in #Mosul has sparked outcry from human rights groups and an investigation by the #Iraq government. Officials said they are trying to determine the authenticity of the footage. The city had been liberated from ISIS earlier this week. Coalition forces are working to clear out the Old City of explosives and possible hiding militants. Video can be found at @MosulEye on Twitter. 

This will be interesting.  What makes this especially troublesome is the religious aspect of it.  Another round of Sunni vs. Shia.  What's seen as payback by one group is seen as a new atrocity by the other.

We should give up on a federalized system for this country.  They're tribal in nature and we need to accept that.

It's ironic to say this (especially considering US history with regard to segregation and being a black guy), but the only solution is to segregate the population into their respective groups.

Yeah I know.  Bring the pain, I'm ready.  But before you slam me for my "simplistic", and "intolerant" answer, I simply ask you to come up with a better solution that could possibly hold Iraq together without further bloodshed.

Sometimes the coldly practical solution isn't necessarily desirable, but its the only viable option.

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