Friday, July 07, 2017

An uncomfortable truth. Putin is gonna take apart Trump at their meeting today....

Well you all know the news.  Trump is meeting Putin at the G20 today and the news media is ready to pounce if he doesn't confront Putin on the alleged Russian interference in our elections (I say alleged because I don't know the line for interference...Obama went to the UK to campaign for the liberal candidate and the move was applauded...he did the same in we've "been active" in other elections around the world....other friendly nations also actively participate in our elections on a constant basis too!).

But now it's time for an uncomfortable truth.

Putin is gonna take Trump apart.

How do I know?

McMaster's said Trump doesn't have an agenda!  I wouldn't hold a meeting with a Boy Scout Troop without an agenda!  Add to it that Trump is from the business world and he wants to make a deal at all costs (we saw that in the previous administration with regard to the Iran nuclear deal) and when you're hungry, mistakes get made.

Contrast that with Putin.  Dude is an operative from the old skool KGB.  I would assume that he's somewhat analytical in his approach to taking a shit much less a meeting with a rival/competitor, so you know he's prepared.  Additionally we know that HE DOES have an agenda and a list of wants, must do's and would be nice to have's.


The Russians are about to butt fuck us.  Trump and his impulsive inclination and willingness to act on instinct (don't get me wrong...instincts CAN save your life) will be used against him.

I hope I'm wrong, but fear the worst.

The only good thing coming out of this will be a new format to cooperate to finally put a knife thru the heart of ISIS.  If they're smart they'll be looking to cooperate on what comes next but I get the feeling that Trump is consumed with Korea instead of working with Russia to get the GCC and Qatar sorted, an end to the fighting in Yemen, continued work to make sure that ISIS in Libya is dealt with and that Hezbollah doesn't start craziness with Israel.

Confidence is NOT high.

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